Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's always nice when you..

We went out last night. We met a nice couple and they were our NORMAL. What I define by normal is that if you would take these people and if you were to bump into vanilla friends, would you feel comfortable with them being around? Yup these are the type of people we would like to hang with. Great fun date, nice conversation, etc. I knew we would hit it off with this couple because they are pretty upfront sounding. When Mr. L chatted on the phone with the husband, he asked what were our intentions for the night. This usually makes Mr. L uneasy thinking that they will want to play on the first date, I took it as, "wow, they are cool because they are communicating well". I felt comfy with them both and Mr. L noted the same thing. We chatted a little about our experiences and it sounds like they have had a challenging go. They have been in the lifestyle for about 5 years off and on but their experiences have been challenging. That makes me feel fortunate that we've only had one challenging experience (I will tell that tale on a later date). Both were absolutely cute and adorable. Awesome energy and Mr. L was flirting last night. I was so excited for him that after we said our goodbyes to the couple for the night, I jumped around and gave him a fist pump. Mr. L has been working on his shyness and he was so much fun last night. Kudos to Mr. L! Hopefully the couple liked us and we will hear from them. We are the type of swinger couple that likes to get to know people a little more when we swing. Maybe this is not for all but we like it that way.

We are off today to see the regulars. They are having a pool party :) We are spending the night so that will be nice. There will not be any action but as usual, their company is nice and it is appreciated. Though, if there is a chance to play, hell you bet that we will be hitting that opportunity :) Life is good!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Chemistry...and coming out of shell?

We've been having some vanilla weekend's for the past few weeks. We tried hooking up with a new couple but of course, that schedule thing has been screwing us for months now. It seems like every time we chat with a couple, our schedules are not jiving with theirs. That's okay but I'm feeling mildly out of the swing of things, if that makes any sense. This past weekend we spent part of the weekend up north trying out our new tent at a scary ass camp ground. Yeah, not fun but at least we know the tent is going to work out. While we were there, we were able to hit a microbrewery and explored the town a bit. Mr. Learning2swing had a slight buzz going on and after we left the brewery we went on a trail walk and had some fun. We giggled about it because a year ago, this would have never happened. I always like it when Mr. Learning2swing has a slight buzz. He gets fun crazy and his energy is amazing. He's a very smart and serious guy so when this side of him comes out, it drives me nuts...he's way too cute. Then we had a birthday party for a nephew and then came home for the evening. We were so tired from camping, we sacked out early. On Sunday we spent the day with the regulars so it was great to see them, even if it was in a vanilla since because they had family over for the pool party. Of course we are eager to get with them again but it's not looking too good schedule wise for about another month. The weekend that they are available is a weekend we are not so it's looking like mid to late June. I keep on telling myself we are patient!

We have a hotel party coming up on the 5th of June and we are looking forward to it. I can't speak for Mr. Learning2swing but I'm excited to get out and meet up with some of our friends that we have made. We started hitting this massive party in a metro-area about 2 hours from our home. I grew up on that part of the state so when we went there, I must say, it felt like home. The party was fabulous and we were welcomed with open arms. It was amazing because we had hit parties before yet we had never had people who actually wanted to talk to us. We hit it off with quite a few couples just talking and flirty. That's where we met Mr. & Mrs. Chemistry. They are an adorable couple in their early 40s...smoking hot, both of them. He is tall as can be and I so want to climb that tree :) she is an amazing passionate woman who knows how to kiss. I have to say, both are my favorite kissers that I have experienced so far in the lifestyle. We all have chemistry but...Mr. Learning2swing shyness has been a slight factor with them. I was chatting with Mr. Chemistry last night and he noted that Mr. Learning2swing needs to show some interest in his wife. I know this and have been encouraging him to show his fun side (which comes out at three beers but I would like to see that when he is sober). Mr. Learning2swing is interested in her but his shyness is getting the best of him. It is difficult for him to be more assertive. Heck, it took him four/five dates with me to even kiss me so in a swing context, it's like "whoa, how do you get him to connect with others?". I'm kind of at a loss. I don't want to push it but there's a slight chance that we may be able to hook up with the Chemistry's but a lot of it is dependent on Mr. Learning2swing's interaction with Mrs. Chemistry and I don't blame her on this at all. If he doesn't show her interest, how can she read him? Three out of the four have excellent chemistry but it needs to be four out of the four. Chemistry's are full swap and they would like to see where the chemistry goes as...I'm wondering that too. I figure worst case scenario heavy flirting and another month goes by without playing or best scenario, well you know what that is. Now that's a nice thought!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There's a chance that regulars want to go...

I had the day off yesterday and I was texting back and forth with Mr. Regular. We have this couple that we swing with regularly so it's been nice. We haven't been with them sexually in the past two months because they have been heavily hit with vanilla stuff that gives them weekend commitments for about 3 months. Needless to say, we miss them terribly. We have seen them but we just couldn't get any adult time. Which is okay, family does come first. Come June, their commitment is going to diminish for a bit so it's like please pencil us in. Anyways, we were texting back and forth and the topic came up about "I would like to stick my cock in you" and I noted "now that would be fun" and then he said "I would like Mr. Learning2swing to fuck Mrs. Regular" and I noted "heck yeah" (as you can see I need to strengthen my sex talk a little...I'll work on that). He came back and said "Would you and Mr. Learning2swing want to do that" and I wrote back "We have talked about it and if you ever asked, we would jump on the opportunity in a heartbeat". Mr Regular said "I'm going to ask Mrs. Regular if she would be interested". Our regulars are soft swap only. They have been in the lifestyle for over two years and have yet to gone full with anyone. We know that they play with our couples but we don't ask the extent. They were our first and we of course, want them bad but understand that if they don't want a full ever, we are okay with it but man, it would be hot.

If you told me three months ago that I would be even considering a full swap, I would have said NEVER. The longer you are in the lifestyle and the more you are exposed to it, the more difficult it becomes to stay soft. That curiousity is's almost like a bad hungry desire when you have chemistry with others. So we'll see but even the thought of Mr. Learning2swing screwing Mrs. Regular excites me way too much. They both are shy and Mrs. Regular does seem to bring out the best in Mr. Learning2swing. I enjoy watching them together. Mr. Regular is fun and I enjoy being with him and of course, I'm curious as all heck on how he screws. I guess this is a step in the right direction.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend plans...

We are camping this weekend so it was my brilliant idea to switch our profile from our hometown to that of the town that we will be visiting. We are going up to this small northern town to visit a brewery that Mr. Learning2swing has been dying to visit for years. I figured it would be a great way to link with fellow swingers in the north. Holy profile response though. I haven't seen that many emails in our box....ever. In the past three days, we have gotten close to 25 emails. I have to say that one couple looks smoking hot. We have been chatting with them and they sound terrific. Educated, cute, and definitely our type. Maybe even out of our league? I guess we'll see. We are trying to work out the details of a get together this weekend but unfortunately, they have a baseball tournament which puts them out of town until Saturday. There's a slim chance of them getting back into town so that would be awesome if we could meet up with them for dinner and drinks...or more? When chatting with smokin hott couple, I guess the northern swing pool is full of well, not so much fun decent looking swingers. So maybe we have a chance...heck, it's worth checking out.

That's the thing about meeting new people. It's totally exhilarating but also scary in a sense that you do put yourself out there for judgment. Personality can be shown a little on the computer but what can't be shown is the chemistry and level of interest from a couple. The cool thing is that we go into a meeting situation with no expectations. On swinger website we are 1 for 3. One couple developed into our regulars, the other 2 well, they were interesting. 1 couple were so old that it freaked me out. The other couple, they were adorable but yet, no chemistry. They seemed nice and all but it wasn't there. When you are at a venue, you know almost instantly if the couple is one that you want to interact with on some level. Meeting people online is a whole different ball game...I guess we'll see but send us some swinger dust okay?

Learning to swing...

Okay, every swinger couple has their story. Some more fun than others. We started our journey about a year ago. During a fantastic weekend in Chicago, while Mr. Learning2swing was banging me, he was wanting to know my fantasy. He was drunk at the time so I totally thought it was safe so he asked if I ever thought about being with another female and I had so I mentioned it. I thought it was safe and he wouldn’t remember so I opened up and started talking about it. It was a fabulous night and the next morning we never mentioned it. Heck, we didn’t mention it for about five months.

We had a vacation popping up in August of 2009 and I saw Mr. Learning2swing had been peeking at some swinger sites. I was mortified. I remember being so pissed off at him that words cannot describe how freaked out I was. I thought then swinging was all about cheating. I did some research, came across a message board, and it helped explore my interest in it. I didn’t mention it to Mr. Learning2swing that I found the websites or the board. While on vacation, we were having a lot of fun. Hit Las Vegas for the night and went to a strip club and I was hooked. I enjoyed watching him get grinded on by the stripper and I enjoyed her too. So we decided to put a profile up on an active swinger site and the first weekend back from our vacation, we hit a house party. I was so nervous going in. My thoughts were “what if I see anyone I know?” “what if people want to have sex with me?” so I proceeded to dry heave and almost have a panic attack. Mr. Learning2swing offered to leave but I was like “we came this far…why not try?”. It was interesting. Our only goal was to observe and observe we did. It was a small venue, about 20 people set up in a regular house. We chatted with a few people and that’s it. Mr. Learning2swing had a woman molest him, I had some older guy describe how it was fun to hear your partner cum (I wasn’t really prepared for that conversation yet). We saw a few drunk couples, girls getting chocolate eaten off their boobs, and couples making out with each other. We were not attracted to anyone but it was fun to get out and observe.

Since then, we’ve hit a few clubs, parties, a swinger B&B, and a meet & greet. We have some fun stories that I would like to share, thus, this website is going to be my venue.

We are very much in love, normal, college educated, middle class income couple. We are in our mid-30s with no kids. We are not perfect looking but we are cute. I have that teacher or the librarian next door. I’m a solid size 14 so I’m not a stick. Swinging has increased my confidence in myself,helped me with my shyness, spiced up our sex life, and helped us get out a ton more. It has brought us incredibly closer and the communication is so much better than before. So welcome to our swingland adventures…