Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taking a mental health day :)

I'm taking a mental health day today. It was totally planned so I didn't have any cancellations to make with anyone but it feels so great to be off of work for the day. I haven't had a full regular work day off since July. I slept in and woke up with Mr. Learning and sent him off to work. It's 11 am and I'm still in my jammies right now. My plans for the day include getting an oil change and getting my hair cut and colored with Mrs. Regular. I haven't seen her in a month so it will be great to have a little time to spend with her. I miss them, not really in the sexual longing sense but I miss the energy that they brought to the table. It's just life, but they turned out to be great friends in addition to great swing partners. We got a call from Mr. Regular yesterday inviting us down to their house on Wednesday night. So we will be spending the night at their home and then going off to my inlaws place for Thanksgiving.

We are almost done nesting. We have been hitting it hard because our family/close friends baby shower is out our house. We invited the Chemistry's and the Regulars to our shower...funny huh? We are hoping that the Chemistry's and the regulars are able to hook up before/after the shower because they had some awesome chemistry going on. We only want the best for our friends.

It appears that I have popped out pregnancy wise overnight. On Saturday, I felt a lot of pressure in my stomach and I swore on Sunday when I looked in the mirror that my belly now is larger than my boobs. I'm a 36C girl so I was like, "Aha, there you are baby!". The only thing that was pretty small on my body was my waist so it's gone now. It's funny how your body slowly changes with expecting. I kind of thought it was going to be overnight but it was pretty gradual. My breasts are still the same size though :)

Life is good though. I'm adapting better for the future changes. I'm the type of person that hates change but I'm getting better. It just takes me a while to transition into things...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's been a little over two months...

I haven't been here in so long, it's not even funny! Goodness...see what pregnancy brings you. I'm about 24 weeks along right now and bigger than all outdoors. That's okay though. The baby is healthy and I finally am getting back on track. I had to hit a dietician this past week because I was gaining too much weight :( Fortunately, I found the issue, eating too darn much. When I asked my doctor a few months back about my calorie range she noted to eat 300 calories more a day. Well I thought that would look like 1700-2000 but infact I should have been only eating 1500 a day. Thus the massive weight gain in two months. I basically have to maintain my current weight for the rest of the pregnancy.

Okay swinging wise, well that was done back in July. We went away with our regulars and the chemistrys in September and that was fun. Mr. Learning and I did our thing while they enjoyed each others company. It was finally nice that the regulars got to be with a cute couple. We've seen who they have been with so finally they hit in their league. We hit a party to socialize back in October to say goodbye to everyone. I have to say, it was ackward as a hell but it was a good closure to say goodbye to everyone we met. We are now officially retired in that area. We essentially have not seen the chemistry's since September nor the regulars. It's just wrapping up I guess. We are still in periodic contact by facebook but essentially, it's done too. Maybe they were all what I call transitional friends, they are in your life as long as they are supposed to be and transition out accordingly. Or maybe they were never friends, just swing partners.

So we are essentially floating right now. I'm not too sure if that's a great place to be but that's where we are. We have been busting our butts for months, getting the house ready, going back to our normal vanilla life, which is nice and quiet. Exactly where it's supposed to be, right? LOL...