Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy almost new year...

It's been a rough year for me.  I am a person who does not transition well but putting my needs behind my family needs was essential this year.  How I responded to the transition was not necessarily good but I doubt if I could have handled it any other way.  Now after the dust has settled, I still miss my old life, my old co-workers, my old neighborhood/neighbors but I am accepting this reality and open to creating a better life in my new area.  We are finally forging ahead.   Meeting new people is rough but hopefully the summer will bring some new friendships.  It's boring not to have some friends.  We figure that we are going to get the kid involved in gymnastics this winter plus swimming so maybe that will get us involved with some vanilla friends.  We are trying to get out more with our son and creating family memories.  Life has been filled with visiting parks to feed the ducks or hitting the local museum. What is also helping is that our son is not handing us our asses as much anymore.  Nothing is better than a 21 month old controlling us.  We stepped up the parenting and he's doing better.

As for's out there...hopefully down the road.  To answer your question, John, there is a group that I belong online to who is doing a meet up in April in Columbus at a club so hopefully the cards will be in our favor to go :) It's been years since we have been to a club so I would love to go even if Mr. Learning and I will be voyeurs.  We are dying for some couple time.  We still have yet to secure a babysitter but hopefully that will happen soon!

So here's to a good new year.  It's been an interesting two years and we are ready for things to settle down.  Here's a big kiss to you all.  Take care and happy New Years!


  1. Transitions can be rough .. I have been told. Get a sitter, get out. SM and I got out last night and it was the perfect thing to renew our energy.

    Mr. No Name

  2. Happy new year to you as well, here's to a great 2013!

  3. And a happy new year to you two!

  4. Happy new year Mrs Learning we hope to see more of you in the new year

  5. Thanks for the update--even I was so far behind in my blog reading that it was 10 days later that I learned the news.

    We hope that you continue to find your place in your new community.