Friday, January 4, 2019

Why, hello again...'s nice to see you again old friend.  It's been a while, hasn't it? 

Things have changed since I last posted.  We have moved again.  I've transitioned to two different jobs.  Mr. Learning transitioned from his job into a new employer.  The kid is no longer an infant but a precarious almost 8 year old.  We are happy again.  I couldn't say that when I last posted as I sounded extremely lost.  I also noticed that I mentally blocked out 2012 as I thought we stopped swinging when we had the kid.  Guess I was wrong.  I took the time today to go back and re-read our adventures.  I'm so glad I did and it's a nice record of where we were then compared to where we are now.

Well, we got back in the lifestyle back in November.  We met up with the couple from the campground.  Just so happened that we still had some sparks with each other.  I have to thank FB for us keeping in touch vanilla wise.  Mr. Learning had been playing with our profile in September (I guess as he didn't mention it to me) and Mr. Ray sent me a message over messenger noting "hey, I see you are back in the lifestyle.  Can we meet up soon please?". We just so happened to be going into their area for my high school reunion so we set a date for dinner.  Dinner went well and at the end of the night, I kissed him, and I wanted more but unfortunately, it was just a dinner.  After we met, there was a series of messages and the expressed desire that they wanted a swap.  So it was on.  And so worth the wait.  I joked with them that my reality of the situation was better than the fantasy I had for the past 8 years...but seriously it was.  I'm glad we waited for them as they were well worth the wait. Then we met a hot hall pass husband and that's a fun situation too! I'm totally enjoying that about once a month.  So life is good.  The goal is to get out about once a month right now for late nights.  The kid has sleepovers with others so it makes it easier for childcare.  Our in-laws are often busy or unreliable  so we don't count on them.  Later this month, we have a hotel party so we are really looking forward to that.

Many of the friends who we had before, well, they are out there but we haven't hung out with them.  Regular's are doing good but we've lost touch even though we live 15 minutes away.  The Chemistry's well, he's still a FB friend but beyond that, he's just a FB friend.  Same with the DJ's.  If any of them are still in the lifestyle...I don't know...nor do I need to.  

Vanilla life is more balanced with friends.  We have a large support network.  Our son's sport schedule is insane so that keeps us grounded as well.  I'm heavier than when I last left the lifestyle and I'm okay with that for right now.  I've been able to have some great workouts for the last 1.5 years but my nutrition has been crap.  Mr. Learning gained 50 pounds with an impending job loss but he was able to lose what he gained in 2018.  We both are doing keto to shed the weight so we will see what happens.

While we were retired, I felt confident that we would dive back in when ready.  The lifestyle is always out there, if you ever need a break but it's nice to be back....

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  1. OMG, you’re back! I look forward the hearing about your new adventures.

    Mr. No Name