Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Now that was quick...

Vanilla:  I got a call for an interview!  That was quick.  HR left me a message and I called them back but got a voicemail.  Woot Woot! I'm rusty on my interviewing skills.  It's been close to 12 years since I have had to interview so if anyone has any pointers send them my way.

Swinger: Nothing like getting dirty texts from's always a pick me up.  Mr. Regular sent us some nice pics out of the blue so those are always welcomed.  Life is good!!!


  1. Sounds like they really want you. Glad life is going well. You definitely deserve it. Just be yourself at the interview how would they not hire you.

    Pics are always fun.

  2. Mrs. Learning,

    Walkandroll have it right, just be you (or the vanilla you anyway). This way, when you get the job you will not have to remember which version of you they hired. That beingsaid, if it is the job with the leadership responsibilities, try to drop references to yuor leadership and management skill/experience. You will do great!

    Mr.No Name

  3. That's great news, good luck with the interview! Remember that Veronica is the HR Chick and is an interviewing prep pro, if you want any advice I'm sure she'd be happy to help!