Sunday, March 18, 2012

And so it begins...

Vanilla: The massive decluttering is occurring in the Learning household.  We are getting the knick knacks packed up.  My living room is not completely down and there is no evidence of any emotional attachment is in the room.  Everything is out besides a lamp, clock, two small vases, and the bose radio.  Mr. Learning did some wainscoting for the entry today and it looks sharp and he repainted the trim in the entrance way.  We were busy!  Our goal is to get the house set up to sell on June 1st so we will see if this can happen.  I called my sister to get some help so they are going to come in one weekend and she will care for baby learning while my brother in law helps with the basement.  Our basement is a major cluster fuck and I am not ready to tackle that yet.  We figure we are going to attack the main floor, then move upstairs, attic, and then down.  I'm trying to convince Mr. Learning that we need a dumpster but he is not buying it.  He is convinced that we can put everything in the hirby kirby during the next six weeks.  Humm...he's being cheap.

I gave formal notice on Thursday.  References were checked and they came back amazing. I had my drug test on Friday so it's real now.  I get to meet some of my new coworkers next week because they want me to meet the team, which I think is kind of odd but the past worker left on a sour note and there's a lot of anxiety of me coming in.  I will win them with my smile.  The one awesome thing that swinging has done for me is to go in confident even though I am terrified on the inside.  Thank you swinging.

We also have to gear up and find a new daycare.  I am sad about this because I love baby learnings daycare.  They are terrific and amazing people.  I have a few places that were recommended so we will check them out.  I know another good place is out there for him.

Originally, we were going to live in Mr. Learnings parents home while they were in Florida.  Then we would live there Mon-Thursday when they got back but they did a massive no-no this week which pissed Mr. Learning off.  They told his sister that we were moving to the area.  Mr. Learning wanted to tell her but when he found out that his brother in law was just dx with colon cancer, he decided to wait.  Then he found out that mother in law told so needless to say, she has poor boundaries so we will not be living with them.  Which makes me feel better because I don't need a hovering mother in law right now.

I am getting excited about our new life.  I can't imagine having two more hours a day.  It doesn't even seem real that it is happening.  We started to look at houses and we are not too sure on what we are going to do.  We have a home right now that has a ton of character so we thing we are going to go with a new build because we don't want to compare this hours to the new home.  I would have some trouble getting over that.  So it's better off having a new start.

Swinger: Our friends had a blast at hedo.  They loved it and connected with a ton of people.  That is awesome for that.  They noted that they would do it in a heart beat again.  It sounded like they really connected with one couple so good for them.  Though, they noted that they are now ready to put the lifestyle on the back burner for a bit because it was some major fun but they are burnt out.  That is something that I never would expect to hear from them.   Sometimes it's not good to have too much of a good thing.


  1. Congratulations on the big move the 2 extra hours a day will be great for you. I also think not living with your in laws will be a better decision in the long run.
    Places like hedo and desire will definitely wear you out. Can't wait to be worn out soon.

  2. Best of luck on the move. You will do great in the new job.

    Mr. No Name