Saturday, March 10, 2012

I feel like I am breaking up with someone who I am still passionate about...

Vanilla: The job is mine.  I got a verbal offer from the new company pending reference checks and a clear drug screen, it will be formally mine.

Funny thing is that I got a call noting that I was the 2nd candidate for the position but they had to go with the other individual because she had direct experience compared to myself.  I was okay with that and noted to the HR person "No problem at all.  You all need to do what is best for yourself and the company but keep me in mind if anything comes up....blah...blah...blah..."  Two days later, I get a call with the offer.  The other candidate withdrew due to health issues.  I told her that I would get back with her on Friday.  Then I cried....for two days.

I love my job.  I love my family more though.  With my husband's company closing and relocating the drive with a child in our life would not work.  I am marketable and can hang my hat any where I want, he is but he isn't.  This is the best because we have family in the new city, friends, and Mr. Learning grew up there.  We learned this week we need our supports around us because we had an uber sick child and ended up in the ER with him.

But I still feel like I am breaking up with someone who I love dearly.  I am a pretty closed person and spending over 12 years with my current job makes be sad that I am leaving because those people know me (well, know me in the vanilla sense).  The new job is more intense, a higher level of responsibility, and it is out of my comfort zone but I know I will rock because I am cool like that :)

I am still sad...but happy because in six months, life is going to be better.  The next six months are going to be non stop getting the house prepared to sell, find a new home, and move.  But we will get through it. So maybe life will be easier? I hope so.  The last year and a half has been nothing but limbo and now we have a plan.

I am a girl who always needs a plan.  Planning is good!

Swinger: Funny, I had to defend a poly family this week.  A close coworker encountered one and she was so disgusted.  "How can he be a good dad when he can screw another woman other than his wife".  I explained to her how that in the long run, it's not up to us to judge that.  As long as the spouse is okay with it, then that is all that matters.  I had a few looks but I also had some support.  Man, she would die if she ever found out what I used to be up to....


  1. Mrs Learning congratulations on the new job. It is hard leaving something you love but it will be for the best. As for defending the poly I find myself doing the same thing when I hear negative comments about swinging and open realtionships. I also get strange looks when at work I defend homosexual rights. I work in construction and there is such a negative attitude towards it. It drives me crazy. Narrow minded people are aggravating.

    Thank you for your comments and unfortunately I hit the wrong button on my Iphone and deleted it.Please if you get the chance repost it your comments are always welcome.

  2. Mrs. Learning,

    Congrats on the job! Leaving your comfort zone can be scary, but you will excell, I am sure.

    This week, I posted on my Facebook "saying someone else's marriage is against your religion is like saying their doughnut eating is making you fat". Most of my friends agreed, but I do not permit bigots and haters in my life.

    Mr. No Namr

  3. Congratulations on the new job!!!

    We've got similar craziness in the coming months, I've got a job transfer, we're heading to Maryland, I start down there on August 1. Good luck with everything!