Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I hate reading into things...

Vanilla stuff: I got a message from my sister on facebook this morning to call her when I get the chance. This is usually not a good sign because that isn't her style to really call me or make too much contact with me. She hates talking on the phone so our conversations usually last about 8 minutes. When she asks me to call, it is usually serious. I gave her a call and she noted that she is worried about our dad. He is 76 right now and has generally been in great health. He did have a bout with prostate cancer but he beat it. We had no idea he was fighting the cancer until he was halfway through treatment. His doctor urged him to tell us and luckily he listened. My parents are very private individuals and don't really share. In the past 6 months, my sister and I have been noticing little things like he is not allowed to drive anymore, he's speech is sometimes stammering, has trouble with coming up with names, words, he has had a slight shake with his hands for about 4 years, my mom is filling in the gaps, and the erratic behavior where he has been agitated a lot, and my parents have been fighting. He refers to my child as baby and their new dog as doggie. My sister noted that he called her and he was just struggling. She was worried and doesn't know what we should do. Do we ask the question is something going on? My dad has always struggled with names. He calls me my sisters name and vice versa. He knows what day it is, what year, who is the president so he is orientated x3 but it's the little things. I was concerned so I got him on the phone and he noted that he stayed home from cards today. He did have a ton of umms and ahs. He also could not tell me what 75% of 10,000 is. He was a math wiz. Numbers have never escaped him. I don't know what to do and this sucks. Maybe it could be nothing but I think there is something there and we want to convey it's okay to let us know. We need to support my mom and dad if there is something going on. They don't need to be alone.

Swinger stuff: Okay the meet and greet was interesting. The cool thing about it was that two of our favorite couples were there. We got to introduce them to each other and they both chatted it up. On the downside, I have to confess that we did not talk to no one new. There is several things that I get put off about the lifestyle. I detest the heavy drinking. It's okay to have a few drinks but the amount of alcohol that flows can floor you. I detest that some swingers are inappropriate. For instance, dear creepy man, do not grab the ass of the vanilla waitress. You give us swingers a bad name. She was vanilla because I asked if that bugged her when creepy guys grab her butt and she noted that it did. She told him to keep his hands off. I am also saddened by the lack of just regular people at these things. Okay, we are a nice middle class couple. The majority of these people were looking like the bad Walmart pictures that float around the net. It's like you should go to these things as if you are dressed to impress. I saw Velcro shoes and clothing that was tattered and torn. Everyone can afford to hit up Goodwill for a cute outfit. I know I do :) So it was good to get out, socialize with our friends, but did we meet any new people....no. I know there are some normal people out there....I just know there is. Finding them is the tough thing!


  1. Hi Mrs. Learning,
    I stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading it. You really capture the balance (or imbalance) of swinger and vanilla life.

    Your ‘Dress to Impress’ comment really resonated with me. My wife and I have noted ‘dress to impress’ under the dress requirements of all the swingers clubs here in Miami; however, the reality is often different. There are many beautiful women and well dressed gents, but that makes the exceptions all the more apparent. Swinging is a chance to live out your fantasy, why would you arrive dressed like you came from church or straight from the 70’s. Keep posting.

  2. Him( Walk): So sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with your dad. Not so long ago I went through many similar problems with my mom and I know this time is difficult, so my thoughts are with you. Roll is also going through similar problems with her mom

    As for the swinging comments I could not agree more. We had attended a couple of meet and greets and with only a few exceptions the people there were just not people we were interested in. We also blogged about the meet and greet and unfortunately someone who was there found our blog. We were overwhelmed with negative feedback .Maybe we were a little harsh in our review , but we felt that our blog was our opinion and we mentioned no names. We did remove the posts, but not before it had been passed throughout the online community. We aslo learned that even if you remove a post it is always available in reader. To make a long story long we sort of got black listed by a certain group. Our thoughts, oh well not people we were interested in anyway. We did have a great time at the last club event. I do agree finding people is tough. Especially making that four way connection. I just wish that we were closer to you guys geographically because I think we would hit it off.

    I hope you find some peace in dealing with your dad. I know it is difficult.

  3. Ok it's been long enough. We want more. Post damn it.