Sunday, October 16, 2011

Okay, can I say that I'm totally...

Okay, I'm totally excited to hit the meet and greet this weekend. I just can't wait to dress up in my dress that came and it's stunning. It's very figure flattering on me. Plus I think I have a new favorite clothes store. It's nice to see that the models are real women who have curves and amazing looking breasts.

I go into every party with a goal in mind for myself and what I want to strengthen. I would really like to work on my social skills. My goal is to chat with as many people as possible and just be open. John, you gave me some good advice a month ago, I'm going to focus on the person I am speaking to. Find out about them and let the other people be the center of the conversation and occasionally weave bits about myself and Mr. Learning in. Sometimes this is my biggest fault in chatting with others is that I will engage but maybe not have the other person be the central character. It can only go well. Feel free to give me any other tips because I'm open.

Life is going well. We are entering our hibernation mode here. The leaves are turning, the fall is here, and winter is coming. In the winter we travel less and hang close to home. I have to tell you that it feels wonderful to spend so much time at home. Since going into "hibernation" I'm really appreciating it. I love my house and just sitting back and chilling out. It's an amazing feeling. This weekend we did some home projects,played with baby Learning a ton, had family visit, and the regulars popped in for a visit. Love it! As for the relocation, we still are on the fence. It's a hard decision but we are talking about many possibilities and they are all good. We just need to see where things end up on Mr. Learnings end.

I think the best thing is that I feel normal again. It's like "Hello Mrs. Learning, nice to have you back". It's nice to find the old yet improved me. I'm just living in the moment right now and I hope it continues.

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  1. Hope the meet and greet goes well for you guys. We are also learning this whole process. Learning to flirt after many years of being monogamous is challenging. We ourselves went to a club last weekend . We both made an effort to enage others in conversation and the result was good. If you get a chance stop by and check out our blog.