Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today went from being a crappy day to a...

I hate crappy work days. I have a group of women who are out to get me, I think. They are totally talking crap about me behind my back. They are on a different unit than myself. The thing is that I have a very strong personality. I am really passionate about what I do and it shows. I hate laziness and people dropping the ball. I don't put up with the bull crap either. These women drop all the time. A month or two ago, they dropped the ball so bad that it could have been disastrous. I called them out, let my boss know, and they had some meetings. I thought things were solved until this one individual keeps on complaining about me to others. The others are my friends so they let me know. Finally today, I heard she was gunning for me this morning. She was complaining that I was setting things so I would not be there. Funny thing is that I am not in charge of that. Then they started to discuss how I never work late because I have to pick up my son. I don't even pick up my son, 90% of the time so that is not their business. I thought, enough is enough. I told my boss that if she doesn't do something about this "gossip" I'm going to blow and because this is ridiculous because I am doing my job. I was in a mood. I hate that feeling that there's a target on my back. Hopefully, things will get addressed but I so wanted to go up to the woman and go "knock it off". Then of course that would be creating a hostile work environment, right? Luckily, I can home, got a hug from my hubby, and life got better.

The upswing of my day was thatVeronica's blog is back! Yippy! Missed her greatly and longed for her posts. Then a huge thank you toWalk and Rollwho stopped by to say "hi" and I am hooked. Woot Woot! It's making my little online community larger. What I loved about Walkand Roll is that they have uploaded video onto their site to discuss their experience at a club in one post. I loved watching their interaction with each other, so positive. This is what the lifestyle is all about. There's some great people out there :)


  1. Thank you for the shout out and we are definitely hooked on your blog also. It was so great to hear such a positive response to what we are doing. We are excited to extend our audience also.
    On a side note and completely in a teasing manner, just so you know ,we are walk and roll not rock and roll and there is a reason for that. The fact that Roll is in a wheelchair would be the reason. We are only defined by the name and nothing else. The wheelchair has no effect on our ability to have a great time. It is however part of our life.
    Again thank you for visiting our blog and please continue. We welcome all comments .
    And about the women at work they are probably just jealous because they see how happy you are, and damn sexy if you don't mind me saying.
    Walk- him

  2. When it comes to the women in your office, remember that that in most cases fighting fire with fire doesn't work--instead use water as the fire department does--remaining calm and not losing your cool is the most effective response in most cases (EmmyRTWS made this point recently).

    But I have a caveat, there are certain issues on which my response is one of sailing under a black flag (the pirate term, not the punk band). I have had co-workers who never learned the lesson of knowing what hills are worth dying upon. I try to remember that lesson and refer to engage in most battles, but when I do enter the fray it is usually with a scorched earth approach.