Monday, December 5, 2011

It's amazing when you get the energy again!

Vanilla: Hello energy, I have missed you :) I am happy that you are back in my life again.  It's amazing what I have been doing the past few days.   We have been kicking butt in the Learning household.  We are in a massive de-cluttering effort here in the home.  We essentially are attempting to get all of the crap out of the home.  I am building a huge collection for the Salvation Army in my foyer.  By the time I am done, I hope to have that space packed!  I'm going through this huge phase right now that I want the crap out of my life.  I want things more orderly because I am tired of the disarray within my household.  It's not like we are dirty but we have too much stuff in my small home so it's time to do away with stuff.  I can even tell that it's effecting my mood for the better.  I am done with being a cluttered person.

Baby Learning is back on a regular sleeping schedule.  It feels terrific to get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  My aphasia is not happening as much and my words are coming back to me.  Its a scary thing when things slip out of your mouth and it's not the right word.  The more it happened, the more nervous I got.  My fog feels like it is lifting so I will enjoy this time in my life.

It don't know if things are getting easier but I am managing better with my life.  It's been a real challenge the last year because things have seemed so out of control.  What I appreciate most right now is getting a better flow.  Winter always tends to go better for us because we shut down and do nothing.  Both sets of parents are leaving for the south within the next month so life will even get quieter.  I think that is a good thing for us because it seems like the rest of the year we are run run run.  Winter is a time for us that things just slow up and we get to enjoy life....and hibernate!

Swinger: Mrs. Regular was walking around the mall and little did she see Mr. Geeky with another woman.   She luckily avoided eye contact and pretended not to see him because she was with a girlfriend.   Humm, amazing how people move on so quickly.  Mrs. Geeky just left on labor day to be with the man she was cheating with emotionally for 10 years and now he's with another lady, holding hands, etc.  Damn, it's amazing how people in this lifestyle tend to make it or break it.  I tend to know more couples who didn't make it over couples who make it.  I also generally find that us bloggers tend to make it.  Maybe we are smarter, more in tune with our partners...or maybe we are just lucky so folks, keep up the good work and be in the lifestyle for the right reason.  Get into it because you are into this lifestyle, stay out of the lifestyle if you are trying to "fix" your marriage because only counseling and motivation can do that.


  1. Glad to hear vanilla life is getting easier. Sometimes decluttering can help. I know for me when my house or garage feels cluttered my whole world feels cluttered. When I decluttering I feel better. I also agree with you stay out of the lifestyle if you are trying to fix your marriage. Glad your world is getting easier , or at least less cluttered.

  2. Vanilla: Clutter and mood are very much linked. Home should be a sanctuary from all the outside crap and if it is cluttered, you feel stressed (or at least I do). Every time my job takes me somewhere new, we declutter a bit more.

    Swinger: SM and I are trying to feel our way through other people's relationships. We have been invited to swing with a few who we felt have a troubled relationship and we have refused. I know their relationship issues should be none of my business, but we cannot comfortably swing with a couple unless we know they are in a solid relationship. anything else feel like we are participating in their "cheating."

    Mr. No Name