Monday, December 26, 2011

We're ready....

Vanilla: Life has had it's personal mini challenges lately.   It's not the current issues but it's the stuff on the horizons.  Stemming from my father's health issues, to Mr. Learnings job, is where I have been struggling.  Coming home last night and snuggling in bed, we have been discussing our future path.  Changes are coming and the can be well worth it and rewarding.  In reality, I have been quite stagnant.  I cannot control if my dad has Parkinson's or not but I can control how I live in the here in now with him.  I need to stop worrying about losing him for if that is my focus now, I've lost him.  I can't be resistant to change or I will never grow.  And growing is what makes someone beautiful, doesn't? Staying the same is boring.   Imagine if I never changed, where would I be? what risks would I have not have taken? Would I have ever dared to try to be a swinger? or would I have kept it safe and went with the norm.

I haven't made any stupid decisions in life so far.  I've tried to do everything that I wanted to in life with no regrets.  I've learned from my mistakes and kept on growing.  It feels like the past year and a half, I've played it safe.  I don't know if it was because we had baby learning but all of the sudden life got complicated and I yearn for security.  Yet, I also want change.  While snuggling in bed the other night, I started browsing the net for jobs in Mr. Learnings new area for his job.  There's a great leadership role in which I am very much qualified for.  Yes, I would have to take a pay cut but the title would be worth it.  Plus to take advantage of Mr. Learnings relocation program would be amazing.  I could work in a city that I would live in without the hour commute.  We would have family and friends near us.  Life could be better and less complicated.  I revamped my resume and it looks awesome.  Mr. Learnings dad came up and they helped me work on a killer cover letter.  Now I just have to mail it out.  Send me good vibes because this change could be positive.

Swinger: I'm excited to hear all the plans that you lucky folks have on New Years.  That is so awesome so I am vicariously living through you all.  Nothing is happening on the swinger front.  I'm still a chunky monkey with no drive to change right now.  I'm just so tired all the time.  Baby learning has at least 7 teeth popping up right now so I'm still in my laziness mode.  I want to start being healthier but I'm so not in the zone.  Just in the self preservation mode.  So keep it sexy for me :)


  1. Mrs. Learning,

    Now that is the spirit! Whenever you doubt things, come back and read this post. Change can be invigorating and exhilerating and scary as all hell. Hold on to your desire for positive change and it will all work out.

    As for the healthy living, it is my work and SM who keeps me on track. She bout a book called 'The GI Diet'. It is amazing and really worked for us. She lost 30 lbs over 6 months and I lost about 20. We have fallen off the wagon over the holidays, but that is life.

    As for swing or the lack of it, I feel your pain. It is hard to consider yourself a swinger and only get to do it a few times a year. I hope our weekend plans work out so you can live vicariously through us.

    Mr. No Name

  2. Totally agree with Mr No Name. Change can be invigorating and scary. As you know there have been some major things happening in our lives also lately. We know there is little we can do to control them but adapting to work with the changes is the key.
    I for a couple of years struggled with my weight issues. Last year I decided enough was enough I cut way back on my calories and was able to lose almost 50 pounds. It is a struggle, one thing that helped inspire me was looking at pictures from our first trip to Desire I thought wow I look big, seeing yourself naked on the beach can be inspiring and scary.
    As for swing life here, time will tell when we are ready to venture back in, as for now we continue to be there for each other and provide the support we both need.

  3. "I can't be resistant to change or I will never grow."

    Words to live by. Those who fight change and growth are doomed by their own actions to stay exactly as they are forever. Yes, change can be scary, but sometimes in life you must challenge yourself, and embrace the unknown. The rewards may be beyond your wildest dreams.