Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vanilla: Baby Learning is just too darn tall.  He is around 33" inches we think at this point thus he is always cramming himself into his crib.  I can't wait until he matures a tad so he would have some more room in a larger bed.  He is always getting himself crammed in the tightest spots like this.  I think that one of the few reasons why he wakes up in the middle of the night hollering and screaming.  They say you need to start looking at transitioning him at 35" inches but with him being only one, it creates this waiting period for maturity.  He is close to walking now.  I bet it will be occurring in the next few weeks.  He's still as spicy as ever.

We continue to get sick over here.  It totally sucks because I am a healthy person but with the lack of sleep, my immune system is down.  Thus, I am getting sick all the time :( which makes me sad.  I know it's going to get smoother.  There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

This job hunt is an interesting process.  I am amazed on how long it takes the process now.  When I got hired at my job back in 2000, I got a face to face, then a second interview, and boom, I was hired.  Now, it's a phone interview, a face to face, another face to face, and then more waiting.  These companies have it good right now because they can take their time to select the best candidate out there.  They don't have to move quickly, it's about getting the best.   My contact says I am still in the running but at this point, I'm so less enthusiastic about the job because the time lapse makes me go blah....not interested...but I can't have that attitude because I want things better for Mr. Learning.  The other job interview went okay via phone.  The actual job would not start until fall and I would only have to work 6.5 months a year with full benefits and other countless perks.  They will let me know if I get a face to face next month and then I will have to compete for a spot in the final three.  This would be an amazing opportunity and I really want this job so wish me luck.

Swinger: Of course nothing is going on here.  I appreciate living vicariously through you all.  Though I have to admit, I can't wait until the inlaws are back in state so they can watch baby learning so we can go on a date.  Right now, my only fantasy is to hit a hotel and spend the weekend by getting some sleep...if you put an event in the middle of it, it would be icing on the cake!  I miss being around like minded people.

I am also saddened by all the leaking of Stephen Hawking being at a club.  I think it's awesome that he is out there going to clubs, but the lack of confidentiality is what saddens me.  Why are people not following the swinger code.  Why bring this up? Why are lifestyle people talking about this?  If you see someone popular, keep the mouth shut and smile....come on swingers!

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  1. We transitioned out kids to a single bed at about the same size as your little guy. We just put rails on the side to prevent rolling out.

    As for swinger, I am beginingto get a tasted of what you must be going through. I am so overwhelemend by vanilla and miss the company of like minded people.

    Mr. No Name