Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear swingers who are in the lifestyle for the wrong...

Dear swingers who are in the lifestyle for the wrong reason. Get the fuck out now and get into counseling! You make us loving couples who are in the lifestyle for the pure enjoyment of watching our spouses fuck other people (soft or full) look bad. Thank you, Mrs. Learning

Okay, couldn't help but not post that. Every time I hear about a couple in the lifestyle that break up for cheating, it makes me sick. At work today, I got a phone call from a number. I didn't recognize it but after I got out of work, I called the number back. I said "Hi this is Mrs. Learning, who is this?" the male said "Hi, it's Mr. Geeky" then he rambled no stop where at first I could not understand him. He then began to slow down and I found out that Mrs. Geeky has been emotionally cheating on him with a guy they were with over 10 years ago. She is leaving Mr. Geeky, moving out, and meeting this man down south. Holy freaking A! Can we say clusterfuck? I am so glad we stayed away from them. We knew something wasn't right. I guess our spidey sense is getting better. There are functional swingers out there, right?


  1. The Geeky couple definitely sound dysfunctional (and not the fun kind of dysfunctional)! However, I think we have to remember that 50% of all marriages today end in divorce so clearly vanilla couples are finding themselves in the same place as the Geeky couple with regularity.

  2. Of course there are functional swingers out there, unfortunately they're just difficult to find!

  3. Yeah, I personally rank entering the lifestyle to save your marriage in the same bright idea arena of having a baby to save your marriage.

    If you want to save your marriage, go to counseling.