Saturday, September 17, 2011

I got emotionally ready for the party but it looks...

Thanks friends for the tips. I got emotionally ready for the party where I was able to work on the insecurities that I have and looking forward to some adult time for only Mr. Learning to get sick, coughing, etc. So we will not be going tonight. We'll go and stop at the friends house for a bit but that's it. Funny how life works out. You get all nervous for nothing.

Good thing is that we have had some decent discussions about swinging lately. When we eventually get back in, we are going to have to be the type of swinger that just goes in, has a blast, and then if something happens, something happens. I can't go through this long "dating" like process where we get to know the people. The said thing in some cases, the more we get to know people the more dysfunctional they become to us. Regulars and the DJ's are all good, nothing wrong with them marriage wise at all (or anything else in our opinion) but the rest of the people, there's so issues. If you just go in for sex on some manner, we just enjoy ourselves and that's it. I have to say one of the hottest swinging times is when we picked up the Dayton couple. We got some time to work on this but I know our former swinging style is out the window.

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