Friday, September 30, 2011

So if you found me...

Just putting this out there because a lifestyle friend popped up on my Twitter account. I was shocked and thought fuck. So if you know me in real life, just don't tell me. Humm, damn twitter. So be understanding my friend :) and don't mention a thing as I am greatly embarrassed. Let me have my little space, okay and just pretend that the site does not exist.


  1. A year or so ago (maybe more) we were contacted by a couple on SLS who asked "you're Hubman, aren't you?" I guess that's what happens when I use old HNT pics for our profile!

    They were fairly local, too bad he wasn't anywhere near as good looking as his wife, I totally would have fucked her :-)

    Don't worry about it, as Veronica often says, there's some element of honor-amongst-thieves in the swinger community.

  2. We also describe it in Cold War terms, "mutually-assured destruction." They can't reveal things about without reveal the same things about themselves.