Saturday, September 24, 2011

Never thought about the adult stash but...

Okay, when baby learning had to go to the hospital this week for his emergency procedure, my husband just left the house and went. Which everyone would do but when you just leave your home, what do you all do with your stash. We have never had anything happen like this before but we usually have our spot which is in the closet or in the bed stand. We had a couple of DVD's of porn out and I know my vibrator was able to be seen because it was in it's usual spot. Without knowing, the inlaws came up the night that baby learning had to stay in overnight. I came home and there was my inlaws vehicle in my drive way. I was like "what the fuck?!?!?" I know they were trying to be helpful and they were worried but then the invasion of privacy made me think damn them. I do feel kind of violated about that. Funny thing that if it was my parents, I would have been okay with it. They watch porn all the time. They are totally horn dogs. Mr. Learning's parents, well, if they have sex, it would be once in a blue moon. I swear they have no chemistry together. They love each other but do they have that sexual energy, nope. I think I need to remove their key priveleges.

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