Wednesday, June 29, 2011 we are firming up on how we swing before we start again.  We both talked it over and we decided that we are not going to seek out couples anymore.  If we happen to meet others at a party, great but if not, we are not going to be pouring over profiles, meet up for dinner, see if they like us/we like them,  etc. because we simply don't have time for that anymore.  Our time is limited now and we have to adjust.

We will go full when the right opportunity presents itself.  We are not going to agressively seek it.  Nor are we going to compromise quality so we are going to be choosey about who we swing with.  We have always been like that.  We are not the type of couple that just hits any opportunity that lands in the if it's a good one, we are on it :) 

I have to say that I hate letting down others.  My personality to please others and not let them down has to stop, especially with swinging.  Like the new couple, we won't be able to swing with them so eventually I may need to communicate that.  I haven't heard from them so maybe that's a good thing.  The situation has also shown me that maybe I am not ready to swing again.  I want the confidence to be able to be upfront, honest and feel okay about it.  Though that may never come though maybe it can come a bit easier. 

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  1. Mrs Learning - SM and I have reached the same point. We are tired of the Sites (SLS and SDC for us) and the searching and the e-mailing, etc. We are trying to expand our involvement to increase our chances of finding fun couples to swing with, but it is hard. We are mostly going to our local club, but the music is so loud it is hard to talk and there seems to be more voyeurs than swingers (we like being watched, so it is not a problem). We need to get into the house party scene.
    Mr No Name