Sunday, June 26, 2011

What happens when you like half of a couple more than the other half?   We met up with the other couple last night again minus the kids.  We were solid feeling about the female half but the male half shot us a mild flag.  So I wanted to check things out a tad more.    We'll gut was right, he put the nail in his coffin.  There's a couple of things that I could not overlook: he engaged me only, he neglected Mr. Learning, he talked over Mr. Learning, his wife , & me, and the ultimate nail....the kissing.  To break things down, he focused so much on me that he didn't even take time to learn more about Mr. Learning.  In the lifestyle, I enjoy men who not only engage myself but who chat with Mr. Learning and get to know him too.  I tend to balance both partners plus my own.  For instance, if I kiss her then I kiss him, or coversation, I will get input from all.  The kiss, oh the kiss!  I'm not an all tongue, I like lips, soft lips with some nibbles.  He was like all tongue, eager, over eager.  Which correlates to me as a not so good lover...does not take time with his partner.  Needless to say, we like her, not him so no fuck time is going to occur.  The sad thing is that I really wanted to like them because they reminded me of us.  That's okay, it happens.  We'll keep on trucking :)

We are going to eventually have to address us being soft swingers.  I don't know how much longer we are going to be able to do this for multiple reasons.  The curiosity and desire is there with us.  I truly loved it when the djs where over and when they left Mr. Learning turned to me and said "okay, I really do want to fuck her".  It was so cute.  The only thing about being a full is that are you more selective as a full? Like as soft I feel we would be more open to others but it seems like full you are more selective because you are going to fuck them.  We were chatting with the regulars yesterday about this and they love being full.  They noted that there is a lot less stress, less worry, and they swap but not always go full.  I don't know...I just sometimes have those reservations and simple fears of what if...but those fears are usually unfounded.       

My speaking at the university went well.  Though, I was so very much surprised on how aprehensive the kids were to get a masters degree.  I have a worthless undergrad degree so a masters is necessary for more money and being marketable.  They just were like "well, I can do this"...and I was thinking "good luck with that.  Let me know how well that work for you".  I was amazed how much the campus changed in the past 14 years.  It's stunning.  The new buildings wowed me over. Those kids have it good.         


  1. We have certainly had the experience of being good to go with half a couple and not the other. When you are really into that half the couple, it's quite disappointing, but in the end we took the same approach as you did of just skipping them.

  2. We have thoughts on your other question, but would prefer to send them by e-mail. If your interested, you can just email us as I can't figure out what yours is (ours is

  3. I am going to address the University thing first, because I love my University. U of Houston, has undergone a huge facelift since I left, and every time we go back to campus we see a new building. The University is set to get a new football stadium in 2013 and it blows my mind.

    Tuition has also increased to triple the amount I paid in my first semester. The loans being taken out must be incredible.

    Swinging: Our philosophy is that we go to the boundry that is most "conservative" amongst ourselves and with play partners. You do the same. If you want to see Mr. Learning have sex with another woman the say so. There is nothing inherently wrong with being soft only.

    I have also known people who tried full and went back to soft. I like watching my wife with other guys too much to do that, but I would pull back if asked.

    Have fun dear!


  4. There have been many occasions where either V or I didn't like half of a couple. That's no different than both of us not liking a couple- we're not going to see them again. We're strongly against "taking one for the team", which is what you're talking about really.

    As far as soft vs full swap, do whatever you and hubby are most comfortable with, if others aren't interested because of your boundaries, so be it.