Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy fourth of July! Though its been nothing but one big clusterfuck today. It first started out badly because I'm so drained due to baby learnings ear infection. He hasn't been sleeping or eating like he usually does. Poor little guy. I'm tired, cranky, and irritable just like him! Then my parents arrive at my house, Mr. Learning took baby over to the neighbors to chat, failed to acknowledge my folks which pissed my dad off, and then my dad spoke to him and it didn't sound too nice. My sister and her family broke down on the way to our house and I had to pick them up. I felt so bad for them. So needless to say, the day sucked. It's been one of the worst 4th of July's ever. Just felt totally out of control.

It was a great time with the regulars last but I am painfully aware of how out of swingland we are. I'm so fucking vanilla that it's not even funny. I'm not a kinky woman either. I own 1 vibrator, I have 1 glass toy that I don't even know how to use, some lube, and that's it. Sometimes I just wonder if I'm really cut out for this lifestyle because I'm so boring...

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  1. Vanilla? Wasn't it your previous post that you wrote about another woman fucking you with a strap-on? That's hardly vanilla to me, and I should know!