Sunday, July 24, 2011

Okay, party details!!!! It was fun as fun could be. Cooler loaded with some amazing microbrewery beer, party dress was awesome, Mr. Learning looked hot as hot could be, and we were out the door.  There was about 115 couples signed up for the event and we knew some people (besides geeky couple) that were going to be there.  We walked up to check in and went into the dance room.  The tables were packed, alcohol was flowing all over, and we settled in with our cooler bag. Said our hellos to the DJs. We hit the dance floor for a while then took a break.  We then laid eyes on our favorite Sexy Grandmother.  She is striking, cute as hell, and energy of a teen.  We adore her!  We met her and her hubby 2 years ago at our first party.  We went to their room for drinks with the regulars.  We had just met the regulars and we were avoiding going back to their room because we didn't want to fuck them.  Funny, huh? Anyways, we caught up with her and it was great.  This was their first party back since we last saw them in October.  They took some time off.  Then the Geeky couple found us so we chatted.  Still like her but he's still a no.  Mrs. DJ asked if we needed saving and I said no because I wanted to handle it.  I did it well, I told them that  we are off the table and not swinging anytime soon so they needed to get out there and meet a ton of others.  They were doing well because several women were coming up to them and engaging them while talking to us.  They finally get scooting to find others. We danced some more and viewed some great stuff like topless women who were stunning and watching others hook up.  Mr. Learning and I watched my Nemesis try to stir up so interest to only fail.  I hate this woman with a passion.  Mr.  Learning had some good descriptions of her during this time and I was dying of laughter.  Party ended, we watched the others spill out to go to the playrooms.  We sat there and shot the shit with the hottie grandmother, her hubby, and sultry chic.  Back story on sultry chic that used to run a club that we used to attend here in town.  It was an amazing interchange of us all.  It was pure comedy all the way. We watched hottie grandmother get shown where her squirtting spot was, we talked about the lifestyle and how we all fit at different places, and how that's okay.  To tell you the truth, we needed this discussion with some fellow lifestylers.  We are not alone, there are others like us out there....trying to figure things out.  We did figure things out last night, where we are right now.  We coined it as lifestyle open.  We love hanging out with lifestyle people.  People in the lifestyle are richer in personality than the regular vanilla people. We love the energy it brings to ourselves and others.  Though we are more voyeurs, if the opportunity presents itself we will swing but we don't need to just find anyone.  Our group all agreed that maybe it's just easier to also find a random couple to fuck instead of our lifestyle friends.  We love the DJs, regulars, and the chemistry's but are we going to fuck them.  Probably not as we came to that conclusion.  

So did we find a couple to fuck? Hell no but did we find some clarity? Oh yeah and a potential date with Hottie Grandmother.  The night was amazing and it's what I needed.

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  1. It sounds like you had a great time at the party! We really like how you handled the geeky couple--sounds like a very effectively.

    We're also glad that you such a great conversation to wrap up your evening!