Thursday, July 21, 2011

I was just a tad naughty the other day...just a tad. When Mr. DJ was shadowing me, I kissed him and damn I got turned on. I know, not over the top hot, but for me, it was awesome. He's so easy going on the eyes and his personality is terrific. Woot woot!

To go or not to go...that is the question? We are actually thinking about going to the party now. Mrs. DJ found out that we were not going to go. Apparently, the geeky couple sent them an email introducing themselves as friends as ours and noted to them that we were not going. Mrs. DJ texted me and we eventually ended up calling each other. She put me in my place, told me I was being silly, and we should come. She is right. It wouldn't hurt, would it? Geeky couple could be handled like "we are just here to socialize" which we are. Right?!?!? Besides it's Mr. DJs birthday, I'm curious as all hell who the regulars have been fucking because their whole crew minus them are going to be there, and I'm ready to get out and have a rockng time with Mr. Learning.

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