Sunday, July 3, 2011

The regulars are coming for maybe just maybe we will have some adult time? Or maybe not but their company is always welcome reguardless if we swing or not.  Have I mentioned that it has been over a year since we swinged with them.  The last time we did, it was kind of ackward.  She did me with a strap on and it wasn't too hot because it just felt kind of weird.  Plus it felt like she wasn't into it so that didn't help matters.  

Mr. Learning and I had a great talk about swinging last night.  He noted that he loves the social aspect of swing but overall the experiences we have had in his opinion have not been mind blowing.  There's been two times for him that have been over the top.  The one time was with the regulars after a party.  They came back and it was hot.  We had the fireplace going and it was some of the best oral ever.  The second was the Dayton couple that I picked up.  Mr. Learning noted to me that he loves the spontaneous sex over the "let's meet and eventually have sex".  I noted to him that I always feel like he doesn't know what to do participate wise when we swing.   He noted that was true, sometimes he just doesn't know what to do or engage.  Humm! He's a fantastic lover and sometimes I wonder if it's his lack of confidence.  At least my gut feelings were right.  I never want him to feel left out.  I'll let you know how well the night pans out :) send us some sex vibes!      

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