Sunday, July 10, 2011

We decided to not hit the party in two weeks. We were looking forward to it initially but as it is getting closer the dread came about so we decided to bail on it. Besides, the only reason why we would go is to see the DJs. Plus we didn't let the new geeky couple down yet so in a way, we are avoiding instead of telling them (or I mean him) that we cannot be with them(I mean him). I think it could potentially turn into some clusterfuck and I definetly don't want that our first party back. Plus that party is never a huge ball of fun either. We have been there a few times and we always leave disappointed because it feels like a meat market. Yes, I know we are swingers but I do have some standards. I like to chat with others, engage, flirt, kiss, etc. At this party, everyone is either with the couple who they want to fuck or it's being oggled by the stereotypical swinger type that lack teeth and have a mullet. Now the party that we love that is two hours away is different. We would be there in a heartbeat but there isn't a party for a while. So off to the beerfest we go but I'm looking for sone adult entertainment...there is a party over the boarder. There is also a club plus there are always some strip clubs. Though, that is usually not too good for me because I fall for their stories and get suckered every time to they get me to buy these expensive drinks. That's if Mr. Learning is not over intoxicated....though when he gets a little toasted, he is a ton of fun. The other option is to just come out to the regulars and say "we fully want to fuck you so let's do it!" but I also don't see us being that forward. But I do promise you we will be doing something fun and adult orientated. Now narrowing that down may be difficult ;)

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  1. Okay, I will try again! I was thwarted in my first attempt to leave a comment by not paying attention to the word verification process.

    We have found the direct approach is best when dealing both with those we want to play with and those we have met, but don't want to play with (although this does require a gentler and more caring approach). We've been lead along by people thinking they were being nice and in the end it just leads to more disappointment than an upfront approach would have.

    As for stereotypical swinger looks, I'm not a big fan of mullets so I think that I will need to get several gold chains.

    We hope that you find some fun adult-oriented activities!