Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is there such a thing as a voyeuristic swinger?  Mr. Learning and I had an interesting conversation on the way home the other night from my seminar.  I have often felt during our swinging we have had no goals, no direction.  Which can mildly be fraustrating to me because I'm such a goal orientated person.  Like I wanted to know why the heck do we swing?  Mr. Learning has always noted that it's purely social.  He loves hanging out with swingers but...he also noted that sometimes it's sad that the end goal is to fuck someone else.  This kind of comment has fraustrated me as I have expressed to him that swingers do want to fuck.  He's okay with fucking a few but overall, he just doesn't want to fuck just anyone.  Which I understand because I too don't want to fuck just anyone either but if it's a purely social outing... I'm semi confused(I told him this).  Swinging is about fucking others.  We chatted about how it expands our horizons and pushes our limits.  Though where I truly struggled is that it's a social outlet.  I pointed out that we could be putting energy into other things other than always two steps forward, two steps back and fumble fumble fumble!

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  1. When we go to parties, it's for the voyeuristic/exhibitionist aspect, of all the parties we've been to, we've only swapped with another couple once. We prefer 2-on-2 encounters in a more private situation for that. So sometimes it's about fucking, and sometimes it's not, and there's nothing wrong with either one.