Friday, June 18, 2010

How much to share? This is something that if I had a recent redo moment I would do it. About a month ago, I think I crossed a boundary on sharing too much. I cringe when I think about it even today. I've asked Mr. Learning to help keep me in check with this because I didn't do it on purpose but it just happened. So in the lifestyle how much is it okay to share? Where do folks draw the line? In my case I shared that we screwed a couple and didn't know their name and she screwed me so hard that it scared me. Yeah I was stupid to share and I totally regret it. Live and learn.

I think part of what's going on in our case is Mr. Learning doesn't debrief with me about things. I want to really chat things out but he's like "that was good" and that's that. For instance tonight we have the hot date with the DJs and I asked him " so if the situation presents itself tonight are you in the mood?". Mr learning replied "let's play it by ear.". To me, I would love to know so that if mrs. Learning is more vanilla or more swinger acting tonight. Mr. Chemistry noted that I should be more swingerish tonight. We'll see.


  1. That's a great question and one there is no easy question to. Obviously we have a blog and use that to kiss and tell. There have been times we have gone out and one of us will say something and immediately I'll want to recoil.

    We have a few couples that we are now pretty open with and will even go as far as recommending couples that match their attitudes. Information can be useful in a situation too.

  2. The answer to your question is easy- share as much, or as little, as you're comfortable sharing!

    Do you and hubby have a code word or phrase? Might be helpful so you can discretely communication desire to play or not without the other couple catching on.

    Enjoy your date!